Collected Principles

The recommendation practices and tools from Collected should follow the following principles:

  1. Collected should be usable by many members of the team, and ideally any.
  2. Collected lets people understand what other teams do.
  3. Collected works for a reasonably diverse set of use cases, and works especially well for some.
  4. Collected is fast to use, everywhere around the world.
  5. Collected is robust and secure.
  6. Getting Collected running should be a quick process.
  7. Collected lets people own their own data.
  8. Collected is open source.
  9. Collected can be improved and extended, with progressively disclosed complexity.

Aimed Benefits

  1. Collected improves collaboration
    • People are more empathetic to others in different roles
    • Collected breaks down the walls of skills-oriented silos
  2. Collected reduces needless communication
    • Helpful documentation is written more often
  3. Collected makes teams more attractive to work with (e.g. recruitment)