The Inside Out Web

  • You bring your data along to services. If you want out of a service or it gets “sunsetted”, you take your data with you.
  • Your cloud abstracted. Use cloud services under the hood with a friendly layer in top.
  • Mobile-first. Phones are the device of choice.
  • Portable. Run on your phone, run on a laptop, run in the cloud. Repeatable.
  • Code is data: WebAssembly modules are stored like any other bit of data. Process content using modules and store that as new content.
  • Composite data: SQLite can embed other types of content. In fact it could act as a store in itself. It could also reference external data, and index it along many attributes.
  • Generated content: combine and create new content with ease. Assemble recipes from pre-made parts.
  • Immutable data. Try new tools safely without fear of breaking everything. Never lose data. Efficiencies gained by the guarantee that data doesn’t change.