Own your own content

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With today’s services

  1. You sign up
  2. You add your data over time
  3. You leave: they shutdown, or they start to suck, or you jump to something better

When you own your own data

  1. You set up
  2. You add your data over time
  3. If we shutdown, you still have your data
  4. If we start to suck, you can move all your data

However, when you run your own service, you worry about:

  • What if the service goes down?
  • What if your service gets out of date?
  • What if there’s a security issue?

Solution: frictionless updates

  • If the service you own is updated multiple times a day, then security issues can be handled quickly
  • If it updates automatically, then it will never be out of date
  • Using modern serverless services, we can place the responsibility of downtime on them
  • If you deploy to multiple services, then the chance of downtime becomes extremely slim. Plus you can use the strength of each service’s offerings

What we aim to do is get you running without sweat. The famous five minute install. An ecosystem of extensions.

Always safe

Your data is always safe. Safe from companies: you own it. Safe from extensions: your data is immutable. Safe from the wide world: updates are automatic. It’s even safe from you.

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